How to Block Junk Mail on Hotmail with simple steps

In process of using Hotmail, you usually receiving junk mail. Spam mails occupies a lot of free capacity on your inbox, it affects the process of using Hotmail.

In this post, we will guide you how to block any email in Hotmail with quite simple steps.

How to Block Junk Mail on Hotmail

Step 1: Sign in Hotmail. At Hotmail interface, select Cogwheels ⚙ icon, click Option.

Step 2: In left menu bar, you expand directory: Mail > Junk email > Blocked senders.

Step 3: If you don’t want to receive email from a sender or domain, add the address to the box below, click the plus (+), then save.

Note: You can add a maximum of 1024 blocked senders and 1024 blocked domains.

In case you want to delete email from blocked list, please select this email and click Remove icon.

So you can be assured about your Hotmail that won’t continue to be spammed by strange emails.

Besides, if you want to make your email more professional, you can “Create Hotmail signature” with your information, address and phone number.

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