How to change Date of Birth on Facebook after limit

Updating the Facebook account information in correct way is always a matter of priority and the first concern to the user. In the process of registering your account, if your personal information is entered incorrectly and you want to update such as your date of birth, you can follow the below instructions to change your date of birth on Facebook.

Change the date of birth of Facebook in case the user wants to change the date of birth in facebook as entered when signing up facebook, create Facebook account to hide information as well as do not let  other users facebook know.

Changing facebook dates is relatively easy, just like hiding Facebook information, but do not overuse it to change it many times because anything has its limitations. When you change too many times you will have to make other and more difficult ways to change facebook date.

Guide for changing the date of birth on Facebook

Step 1: First, to change facebook date, you need to login Facebook with your account

Step 2: After login facebook successfully, on Facebook interface you proceed to visit your personal page.

Step 3: Locate the link underneath your name on your Timeline profile that says “About”.

Step 4: In the left column, Click the “Contact and Basic Info” link.

Step 5: Go to Basic Information, move your cursor to your date of birth and select Edit.

Step 6: After correcting the correct information about your date of birth, click Save changes to save.

How to change birthday on facebook after limit

First you can access to here

Click on Add Year -> Add Month -> Add Date and select the reason for changing date of birth can be written as below:

So we have detailed instructions on how to change facebook date. If you want to hide personal birthday notices  you  do not want to let other person know, you can refer to hidden birthday message messages on facebook.

Changing the date of birth on Facebook is not limited to the number of times you change your name, usually you can only change your Facebook name at least 5 times and the second way is 60 days. Use to send a Facebook ID to confirm you are a real user, not a unreal users, after Facebook confirmed, you can rename Facebook before 60 days or more than 5 times offline.

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