Check for hidden messages in Facebook Messenger

Check for hidden messages in Facebook Messenger, Have you ever heard this function in Facebook Messenger? This is a function allows you review strange messages, spam on Facebook and you completely have the right to decide to delete it or not.

Normally on Facebook Messenger, when the message is sent, the notification will automatic show up on your phone for you. But with messages from strangers, some messages that are identified as spam will not be notified to you. If you want to revisit those messages, that is possible.

Facebook Messenger is very versatile. The system in this program allows to store all messages, of course the messages that you have deleted can not be reviewed. Besides Facebook Messenger has a lot of interesting functions that you unknown such as playing chess on Facebook Messenger, Have you ever heard? If not, refer ‘playing chess on Facebook Messenger’ to experience these unique functions.

How to Check for hidden messages in Facebook Messenger

First, you can download Facebook Messenger here:

Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone: ‘Facebook Messenger cho iPhone
Download Facebook Messenger for Android: ‘Facebook Messenger cho Android
Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone: ‘Facebook Messenger cho Windows Phone

Step 1: Open up your Facebook Messenger app and tap Me in the bottom icon bar.

Step 2: Click on People in your profile then tap on Message Requests

Step 3: Click on See filtered requests, you can see spam messages or strangers’s that you haven’t read.

With the tips above, you will not miss any messages of strangers or friends as well as restrict spam information. Above just is one of the top functions of Facebook Messenger that you should know. Please refer many other post on to explore all the top functions of Facebook Messenger.

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