The fastest way to recovery your Gmail password

Forgot Gmail password, the fastest way to retrieve your Gmail password. For some reason you forgot your Gmail password. See how to get back here.

Note: To get Gmail passwords this way, request that you have declared your phone number with Gmail when signing up, or when setting up 2-step verification.

Detailed instructions on how to retrieve your Gmail password by phone number

Step 1: You access the following link: Enter your email or phone then click Next.

Step 2: Choose Forgot Password. As below picture.

Step 3: Google will ask you to enter the last password you remember.


Step 6: Choose the way to get your account verification code by SMS. Select Send text message to continue.

Step 7: There will now be a message containing a 6-digit confirmation code sent to your phone. Enter this confirmation code into the frame “Enter the 6-digit code” and press Next (If you have not received the confirmation message, click Resend code button below the Continue button.

Step 8: You will be taken to the Gmail password reset window (the new password must be at least 8 characters). Then click Resest password.

Step 9: Successfully reset Gmail password.

Good luck!!!

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