How do I know if the receiver has read my email?

How do I know if the recipient has opened my email? This is a question many people want to know when sending out an email. [….]

How to change your Gmail password

For account security, we recommend that you change your gmail password regularly. In this article, will show you how to change gmail password quickly. Step [….]

Gmail Security – Do’s and don’ts

Gmail Security – What you should and should not do to keep your Gmail account secure. See if you make any of these errors. Gmail [….]

How to Unblock a Facebook’s Checkpoint Account?

Facebook’s Checkpoint is a kind of identity verification used to authenticate the user, a someday, your facebook account is locked and asked for verification but [….]

Facebook icons, special symbols on Facebook 2017

Currently, the special symbols on Facebook are increasingly updated, the use is also quite complex, symbols are difficult to remember. The article below will help [….]

How to recovery your Facebook password when you forget?

Some of you have the habit of saving your Facebook password on your PC, so forgetting your password will probably happen. The following article will [….]

How to Delete Hotmail Account – Close Your Account

Delete Hotmail account in case you don’t want to use your account. The ways to delete Hotmail account is quite simple, if you don’t know [….]

How to Create a Facebook Account – Facebook Sign up

Are you looking how to create a Facebook account? Creating a facebook account is free and easy. Please referring to the following article of to help you [….]

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Are you looking how to delete your Facebook account? There are two ways to delete Facebook nick is to permanently delete Facebook account and deactivating [….]

How to Create a Signature in Hotmail

Create a Signature in Hotmail helps you show your professionalism in sending email on your Hotmail account. You can use your Hotmail signature as a [….]

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