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How to Logout of Facebook Messenger on Android

The Facebook Messenger app doesn’t have a log out button like the original Facebook app though, which irritates a number of users. In any case, [….]

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger for iOS

Facebook has redesigned the user interface (UI) of the messenger app. They have removed the log out button in its current design. It is crazy. [….]

How to play Chess on Facebook Messenger

Chess is the world’s leading intellectual game, now available on the Facebook Messenger app. Watch the tutorial on how to play chess on Facebook Messenger. [….]

How to send GIF animations on Facebook Messenger

Send GIF animation on Facebook messenger you already know how to do it? The following article 9to5emails.com will guide you how to do. In the [….]

Leave group chat on Facebook

The way to leave Facebook group chat below will helps you leave group chat when you don’t want to be in group chat on Facebook. [….]

How to Send a Dropbox File in Facebook Messenger

Share Dropbox file feature in Facebook Messenger bring convenience for users. Just install two apps: Dropbox and Messenger, you can share the data stored in [….]

Top features of Facebook Messenger you should know

Synthesis all of the features on Facebook Messenger is summarize all of the features on chat software of Facebook. Referring the following post of 9to5emails.com [….]

Check for hidden messages in Facebook Messenger

Check for hidden messages in Facebook Messenger, Have you ever heard this function in Facebook Messenger? This is a function allows you review strange messages, [….]

Facebook Messenger for PC, Chat and Facebook messaging on computer, laptop

There are many ways to use chat, message on Facebook such as use from official Facebook website, use Facebook Messenger software for PC. Each way [….]

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